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In continuation of our previous blog, it is proved that improved power factor can improve the system efficiency and we can get the best output by improving the power factor.
Now the question arises that how we can improve the power factor of our system, we have studied that sources of reactive power i.e. inductive loads decreases power factor, some of the loads are as below:
a)      Transformers
b)      Induction Motors
c)       Induction Generators
d)      High Intensity Discharge (HID) Lighting

Similarly consumers of reactive power through which we can improve the power factor are as follows:
a)      Capacitors
b)      Synchronous Generators
c)       Synchronous Motors

Installation of capacitors or Automatic Power factor Control panel (APFC) are best option to improve the power factor of an electrical system. Installing of APFC i.e. capacitor bank decreases the magnitude of reactive power (KVAR), thus increasing the power factor.

Reactive power (KVAR), caused by inductive loads, always acts at a 90 Degree angle to working power i.e. KW
Inductive and capacitance react at 180 Degrees to each other. Capacitors store KVAR and release energy to opposing the reactive energy caused by the inductive loads. The presence of both a capacitor and inductor in the same circuit results in the continuous alternating transfer of energy between the two, thus when the circuit is balanced, all the energy released by the inductor is absorbed by the capacitor. 
Above capacitor banks or APFC panels is provided with power factor controller which monitors the actual power factor and orders the connection or disconnection of capacitors in order to obtain the required power factor. Connection is usually provided by contactors.
• Elimination of low power factor penalty levied by electrical supply authorities and avail the incentives as per Electricity   board.
• Reduced kVA demand charges
• Prevention of leading power factor in an installation.
 Salient features
• Panel design which allows easy handling by the user.
• Switchgear used such as contactors, Switch disconnects or, fuses, MCCB’s etc. conform to the latest Indian and International Standards.
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