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4HD Transformer-img

Powerware 4HD Transformer

Power ware 4HD model transformer is the combination and designed on the 4High Definition techniques, these 4 high definition techniques increase the reliability, helps in saving energy, and reduces the maintenance cost resulting the lifetime saving of energy and energy bills is better than other transformers. These 4 HD techniques are as below:

A – High Fire Protection: We are one of the pioneers to start the use of Organic (Ester) oil in India. Higher flash point of ester oil increases fire safety. Following are the additional benefits of ester oil:

  1.  Non toxic, contain no petroleum, halogens, silicones or sulfurs makes it environment friendly.
  2.  Lower carbon footprint.
  3.  Maintains dielectric strength of oil in cold and moist climate.
  4.  Exceptionally high fire and flash point of 360 Deg C & 330 Deg C respectively.

B – High Reliability: Materials like ESTER Oil and Thermally upgraded paper insulation that increases transformer life substantially. and also less maintenance cost. In addition of this upgraded insulation also provide the following benefits:

  1. 15 Deg Celsius Higher Temperature than Normal Kraft Paper, which give higher overloading capacity.
  2. Low Moisture Absorption which reduced drying time/ saves energy cost.
  3. Resistant to Hydrolysis / Degradation due to water resulting extend transformer life.
  4. Excellent thermal conductivity so that hot spot temperature is low.
  5. Thermal class of 155 Deg C.

C – High Environment Friendly: Natural  Ester fluid used in 4HD transformers is biodegradable and environment friendly. It is non-toxic and reduces the carbon foot print of the transformers by more than 90%,

D – High Efficiency: Our 4HD Transformers conforming to IS 1180 or customer specified lower losses that ensures high efficiency leading to energy saving and reduced energy bills.

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