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Power and Distribution Transformers

Manufacturer and exporter of distribution transformers, isolation transformers, ultra isolation transformers, furnace transformers, auto transformers. Our technologically advanced high voltage transformers incorporate state-of-the art high tension engineering, optimally designed to give you long life with high efficiency & reliability.
We are also authorized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency as a manufacturer of Star rated transformers & are equipped to meet your requirements. We are designing and manufacturing transformers based on IS1180 Part-1 (2014) and BEE Starlosses.

    • Capacity for transformer – 25 KVA to 20000 KVA
    • Class – 3.3KV, 6.6KV,11 KV, 22KV and 33 KV class

    • Aluminum wound distribution transformers up to 250 KVA
    • Energy Efficient and Star rated distribution transformers

  • Substation auxiliary transformers
  • Auto transformers for specialized applications
All our transformers are available optionally with OLTC & AVR.

Corrugated Transformers

Our corrugated high voltage transformers incorporate state-of-the art high tension engineering, optimally designed to give you long life with high efficiency & reliability.

Powerware transformers are manufactured in our comprehensive in-house facilities, with full control on raw-material, design & manufacturing processes.

  • Copper wound corrugated transformer upto 1500 KVA in 33/0.433 as well as 11/0.433 KV configurations
  • Aluminum wound corrugated transformers up to 200 KVA
  • Energy Efficient and Star rated corrugated transformers
Uses of Corrugated Transformers
  • For Pre-fabricated Substations, for compact dimentions and small installation space. It can be installed very near to loads, ie. building, etc and it ensures trouble free operations without interruptions.
  • Installations cost are negligible.
  • For Industrial purpose with advantage of space saving and better reliable cooling.

Specialised Transformers

We have developed a high quality range of specialty transformers with a zero defect and failure rate. Our specialised transformers are produced by using advanced design technology and manufacturing processes. And, the raw materials and components are inspected to conform to our quality standards. These transformers deliver optimum performance, and offer complete power solutions. Our transformers always reckoned for their quality, reliability and durability.

  • Inhouse design & manufacturing
  • Customised as per specifications & applications
  • Converter Duty Transformer for DC & AC drives
  • Harmonic Mitigating Transformer for containing harmonic levels
  • Furnace transformer specially for furnace industry
  • Booster Transformer for Metro Rail Corp.
  • Auxiliary Transformer specially used for Railways & Power Substation
  • Other customized designs…

Automatic Power Factor Controllers

The Automatic Power Factor Controllers provides the cost effective solution for controlling the power factor in different installations. The controller protects the equipment by conserving the energy and avoiding the detrimental effects of over current. This helps in increasing the life of equipment and reducing the load of generator. The system is safe and reliable and allows automatic control of upto 12 capacitor banks.

We also produce customized automatic power factor controllers depending on requirements.

Power Conditioning Transformers

We offer a widest range of premium quality Power Conditioning Transformers that is very effective for Isolating sensitive equipments from Line Voltage transients, spikes & D.C. leakage etc. With the help of our expert workforce, these are designed for sensitive critical equipments like computers & peripherals, medical instrumentation, digital communication telemetry systems, CNC Machines etc. and stopping such disturbances generated by the noisy equipment load from being injected into the power line.
To enhance the quality of power, our range of power conditioning transformers find regular application in sensitive telecom equipments, CNC, medical, diagnostic & UPS systems in industries as diverse as telecommunication, hospitals, airports, radars, process & engineering plants & virtually any high end application needing top power quality.

We offer several customized transformers for power quality enhancement, such as:
Isolation & lighting transformers and Ultra isolation transformers
  • Specially used to electrically decouple two circuits
  • Block interference caused by ground loops
  • Generate new neutral which eleiminates common mode noise and differential ground noise a mandatory condition for sensitive equipments used in telecom, hospitals & process control
  • Specially useful with equipments such as computers, satellite systems, CNC machines etc.
Harmonic mitigating transformers

Provide dual output with a suitable phase-difference to ensure self cancellation of harmonics. Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) is maintained within permissible limits. Neutral compensation transformers

K-rated transformers

Useful in conditions where harmonic, non-linear loads are non-distributed. These K-rated transformers are designed to contain the ill-effects of harmonics near the load centre itself, while eliminating high neutral currents & harmonic loading in the incoming power supply chain.

HT Automatic Voltage Regulator

Our Integral Transformer with HT-AVR is a distribution transformer upto 3000 KVA capacity with an integral servo voltage regulator connected on the HT side of the transformer. Its superior features not only help you to conserve energy but also avoid detrImental effects of over voltage, under voltage and unbalanced voltage on your costly electrical equipment & finished products.
Constructionally, it consists of two interconnected tanks, one housing the distribution and buck-boost transformers and the other housing the servo voltage controller as shown in the single line diagram. In case there is a voltage fluctuation on the HT side the controller will move the carbon brushes on the dimmer unit to tap the equivalent of voltage to be added or subtracted on the HT side. This voltage would then be fed to the buck-boost transformer connected to the HT input of the distribution transformer. The buck-boost transformer will, in turn, add or subtract it from incoming HT voltage, so that HT voltage is always maintained at its set value. A bypass handle is provided to ensure that the voltage control unit can be bypassed, in case needed.

The entire unit is designed as an outdoor, oil cooled unit with a simple bypass system. This will ensure that the transformer continues to work uninterruptedly in the unlikely event of a breakdown in the voltage regulator unit.

Servo Stabilizer / Voltage Regulator

We strive to offer complete power solutions to our clients. For fulfilling our clients’ needs we deliver them the best quality products. Servo Voltage Stabilizers is a 3-phase, distortion-free, automatic voltage controller that gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. It increases life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses. Voltage fluctuations & phase unbalance cause several problems in industrial, commercial & residential sectors, such as:

  • Reduction in motor efficiency, overheating and fast ageing of motors and switchgears
  • Stoppage of production, inconsistent product quality and increase in wastage
  • Malfunctioning & data loss in electronic/ CNC equipments
  • Quick burn out of light fittings, bulbs & lamps
  • Higher consumption by lighting load
  • Higher demand & higher energy bill
  • Loss of competitive position
  • Capacity for servo voltage stabilizers -10 KVA TO 5000 KVA

You can now enhance the quality of power, as well as save power, by using Powerware servo voltage regulator. It is a distortion less, servo controlled stabilizer available up to 3500 KVA capacity. It works on the principle of sine-wave superimposition. It bucks or boosts the incoming voltage by superimposing a variable voltage having the same waveform.
Powerware servo voltage regulator is the proven solution to all above problems caused by voltage fluctuations & unbalance. It saves your costly equipments & processes from detrimental effects of fluctuating & unbalanced voltage & gives you mental peace to concentrate on more important business issues.
Above all, Powerware servo voltage regulator can substantially add to your bottom-line by saving up to 20% power, depending on the incoming power quality.
Powerware Stabilizers are available with wide input voltage range in both Air Cooled and Oil Cooled models upto 3500 KVA.

Online Condition Monitoring of Transformers

All companies are very much concerned to reduce the operation & maintenance cost of installed equipment, in this task they can take the help of on-line condition monitoring equipments. The task of on-line monitoring is then to provide focused, purposeful diagnosis information, so that remedial measures can be initiated for insipient faults.
For giving the solution of same we have introduced a system which helps in condition monitoring of power and distribution transformer. All the equipments have MODBUS communication protocol and are linked to server which has powerful analysis software to estimate the extent of deterioration and effect of failure on real time basis.

Here we have shown one typical arrangement for online condition monitoring of transformer:

With this system we can analyze environmental effects on Transformer parameters and thereby forecast any defect or ageing.

Transformer Parameters:
  • H2 PPM level
  • Oil Temperature
  • Winding Temperature
Environmental Parameters:
  • Voltage & Current on all three phases
  • Active/ Reactive Apparent Energy and Power
  • Maximum Demand/ Demand Forecasting
  • Time Bound & Stamped Data for KVAH/KWH/KVAR
  • Ambient Temperature
Here we are showing one screen shot for online condition monitoring system showing the different parameters for which we can do the real time monitoring:

Energy Efficient Transformer

Our computerized design of transformer gives the high efficiency as well as high reliability. We are also authorized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency for star rating transformers. Life of our Energy Efficient transformers got enhanced as these are operated on low temperatures due to low loss design.

  • Upto 12.5MV & 33KV Class
  • Aluminum wound Distribution Transformers upto 250KVA
  • Star Rating Transformers upto 4 star.

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