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HT Automatic Voltage Regulator

Our Integral Transformer with HT-AVR is a distribution transformer upto 3000 KVA capacity with an integral servo voltage regulator connected on the HT side of the transformer. Its superior features not only help you to conserve energy but also avoid detrImental effects of over voltage, under voltage and unbalanced voltage on your costly electrical equipment & finished products.

Constructionally, it consists of two interconnected tanks, one housing the distribution and buck-boost transformers and the other housing the servo voltage controller as shown in the single line diagram. In case there is a voltage fluctuation on the HT side the controller will move the carbon brushes on the dimmer unit to tap the equivalent of voltage to be added or subtracted on the HT side. This voltage would then be fed to the buck-boost transformer connected to the HT input of the distribution transformer. The buck-boost transformer will, in turn, add or subtract it from incoming HT voltage, so that HT voltage is always maintained at its set value. A bypass handle is provided to ensure that the voltage control unit can be bypassed, in case needed.
The entire unit is designed as an outdoor, oil cooled unit with a simple bypass system. This will ensure that the transformer continues to work uninterruptedly in the unlikely event of a breakdown in the voltage regulator unit.

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