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Servo Stabilizer / Voltage Regulator

We strive to offer complete power solutions to our clients. For fulfilling our clients’ needs we deliver them the best quality products. Servo Voltage Stabilizers is a 3-phase, distortion-free, automatic voltage controller that gives perfectly stable output even under severe conditions of unbalanced voltage. It increases life of your equipment, reduced heating and minimal losses. Voltage fluctuations & phase unbalance cause several problems in industrial, commercial & residential sectors, such as:

  • Reduction in motor efficiency, overheating and fast ageing of motors and switchgears
  • Stoppage of production, inconsistent product quality and increase in wastage
  • Malfunctioning & data loss in electronic/ CNC equipments
  • Quick burn out of light fittings, bulbs & lamps
  • Higher consumption by lighting load
  • Higher demand & higher energy bill
  • Loss of competitive position
  • Capacity for servo voltage stabilizers -10 KVA TO 5000 KVA



You can now enhance the quality of power, as well as save power, by using Powerware servo voltage regulator. It is a distortion less, servo controlled stabilizer available up to 3500 KVA capacity. It works on the principle of sine-wave superimposition. It bucks or boosts the incoming voltage by superimposing a variable voltage having the same waveform.

Powerware servo voltage regulator is the proven solution to all above problems caused by voltage fluctuations & unbalance. It saves your costly equipments & processes from detrimental effects of fluctuating & unbalanced voltage & gives you mental peace to concentrate on more important business issues.

Above all, Powerware servo voltage regulator can substantially add to your bottom-line by saving up to 20% power, depending on the incoming power quality.
Powerware Stabilizers are available with wide input voltage range in both Air Cooled and Oil Cooled models upto 3500 KVA.

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