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After successful installation it is very important to take care of the various safety measures during operation of transformer. Transformer ageing is very much depends upon various stresses like electrical i.e. loading patterns, surges & spikes, voltage & frequency variations, short circuit forces, over fluxing harmonic, mechanical, chemical and environmental factors which will affect the insulation of transformer and deteriorate the insulation this deterioration will affect the performance of transformer and reliability of equipment got reduced. Besides of theses stresses faults like partial discharge, electrical arcs, or hot spots generally deteriorate the condition of transformer in quick progression. Hence early detection of these faults is very important for saving transformer from any catastrophic failure.
Now a day’s various methods are available with us through which we can monitor and record the real time data for various parameters which are having a great impact on transformer performance, some of the parameters are as follows:
1) Internal Parameters
a) H2 PPM Level
b) Ambient Temperature
c) Oil Temperature
d) Winding Temperature Rise
2) External Parameters
a) Voltage & Current on all three phases.
b) Active/ Reactive Apparent Energy & Power
c) Maximum Demand/ Demand Forecasting
d) Time Bound & Stamped Data for KVAH/KWH/KVAR
With strict monitoring, accurate diagnostics of above parameters the following would be achieved effectively:
• Asset economic loading conditions identification and assessment for maximum practicable operating efficiency.
• Premature failures risk minimization.
• Life estimation and timely asset replacement/ retiring planning.
• Asset life extension by implementing correct operational and cost effective maintenance strategies
• Improvement in the system performance ensuring good reliability as well as plant availability.
• Minimization of the long-term operational cost.
• Cost saving by eliminating the unplanned maintenance.
• Minimizing the outage period.
• Relocation/ retirement planning.
• In time procurement of spare parts to get competitive rates.
• To enhance the overall reliability of the system
• Accurate risk assessment.
For recording and monitoring the real time date for above parameters we can take the help of online condition monitoring system for transformer, the typical schematic diagram is as below:
Above system are available with powerful software and having the various features some of them are as below:
Available through MODBUS, RS 485 & GSM/CDMA (Though Modem)
Inbuilt Software
Available & Suitable for Planning Preventive Maintenance Schedules, Asset Life Extension, Load Management and fault Monitoring
Data Storage
Data can be stored in graphical forms as well as time stamped forms
Suitable for all Voltage Class Transformers.
As we can see from above that online condition monitoring system are available with inbuilt software through which we can analyze the data and can plan our various activities which will help us in enhancing the life of transformer as well as reliability of equipment. With the help of above system we can observe 255nos. of transformer at a time. It will also benefit the end user to have power supply without interruption, in particular the industrial sector. It will reduce the risks to human kind and the environmental damages.
In case any enquiry feel free to contact us at:info@saielectricals.com
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