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Linear Regulator with Linear Roller Assembly                                                                    

Dimmer Regulator with Carbon Brush Assembly
1. This design is non standard as no IS
specification has been drawn out for it.


All three phases are controlled with a
single motor and hence not suitable
for unbalanced loads.


3. Roller contact has point contact which
results in high current density causing
sparking & pitting.

4. Wear and tear of carbon rollers due to

friction and that of copper winding due to

5. Replacement cost of carbon roller is 

much more.

6. No load losses are very high,so in

case where load is fluctuating from 0 to
100% overall energy losses are more.

7. As losses is on higher side therefore 
requires more quantity of oil which
 increases its size.

1. It is governed by the IS 9815 standard of BIS( Bureau of Indian Standards).



All three phases can be controlled with independent motors and hence can be used for either unbalanced or balanced type.

3.Carbon brush has large area of contact hence current density is very low and gives a smooth operation.

4. Wear & tear is only of carbon brush   which is very cheap & inexpensive.

5. Only brush has to be replaced which is much cheaper.


6. Very low No Load losses with very high efficiency of about 99%.

7. Due to low losses heating is on lower side therefore requires less quantity of oil and size is small and has lower carbon footprints.

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